Such a dichotomy, the way you ignite
a fever in my bones, yet leave me feeling
cold with your indifference. My love for you
is achingly steadfast, like the proud evergreen
in her shifting seasons, although you scorn
us both in your long silences and mysterious
disappearances. The warlock has his potions
in the chemistry he fashions–but I am less than
nothing in the aftermath of ours. Strange
how something that can burn so brightly
can also disappear without the slightest warning.
A house unfinished, you and I, cut off from our
completion in this barren land. Leaving scuff marks
on the drywall as the only proof we once existed.

I wrote this poem in response to Dave’s poem, using the same word challenges. I find it fascinating how the same words can evoke such different images in the mind of every writer. The words in this prompt are fever, dichotomy, warlock, evergreen, and drywall.