Stop Lying to Yourself

When you realize you’re a heathen, that should give you hope. That means there is a way for salvation, for miracles.

We were taught to feel shame and guilt when we realized we were heathens. We were taught to bury our wickedness deep down inside and do our best to work our way back to the Father.

But Jesus didn’t die for the ones who were striving to be perfect, He died for the ones who knew they were heathens and were a lost cause any other way. The fact that God works huge miracles in witchcraft nations like Africa should scream to us the error of our ways, but instead we pat ourselves on the back and pacify one another that at least we have known God all our lives, and we are decent and civilized.

How we lie to ourselves.

The working of miracles amidst such sin and wickedness should provoke us to jealousy; instead we focus on preaching the same subjects harder.