About Me

Hello and welcome to my page~

My name is Larisa–a very common Slavic name that was either derived from the Latin word hilaris, meaning “cheerful,” or from the Greek city of Larissa, meaning “strong fortress.”

Born in Ukraine, I emigrated with my family to America when I was still a small child and now make my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up immersed in two vastly differing cultures led me to have a burning curiosity about people all over the world. Stemming from said curiosity, I have fallen in love with traveling to other countries, meeting new people and delving into their culture, exploring new cities, and of course, dining on the local cuisine!

If I cannot escape into a different country, then my next favorite method of adventure is to lose myself in a spectacular book. I enjoy books of all genres–from fiction and novels, to biographies and ethnographies. As long as it captures my fancy and holds me spellbound the entire time, I will burn through the book like a forest fire! Because of this penchant for reading and travel, coupled with my love of deep and mysterious things, I have been often called a dreamer and I find the title suits me.ย 

With that being said, I invite you to stay a while–perhaps make yourself a cup of tea, linger through my posts, and feel free to comment or share a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

48 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. What a fun introduction. And, I like “We Already Are Friends (unless I transposed ‘Already’ and ‘Are’ by my terrible typist-fingers free-reigning. Some of me comes from Ukraine and much from Celt and such and I perch hanging out by The Gulf Stream just past The Florida Strait where I now await what may be our season’s first brush with hurricane. I have chores, and soon must go pester them into persuasion (to ready my last round of readiness for weather’s big blows…September’s first week approaches our peak hurricane season and the mile walk downtown to the library and its internet connection I pull from the compost and call it exercise (though exorcise might as well be included…thanks: just reminded me I must visit the stationers to see if they have my brand of big-little pocket notebooks into which I blog my writes before(andfive)hand…perfect almost size for haiku-ry. Soonerishly,

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    1. Thank you! You mustโ€™ve started reading my โ€œabout meโ€ post after following my blog, thatโ€™s why it told you โ€œwe already are friends ๐Ÿ’•โ€ I am so thankful that we donโ€™t experience hurricanes in the PNW, we just get a lot of rain and sometimes snow.

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      1. Check just a bit inland for what those 1,000-meter high Pacific tsunamis did ages past, and, perhaps worst what the eventual ice-melts from the glaciers did. No place on Earth is safe from casual Earth-Shrugs, just as we scratch and tickle and torment the dirt upon which we stand. There’s an interresting bit of research out on how much Solar Radiation fluctuations affect our Earth’s core, temperatures and sometimes quake-cycles. I left my brain back at the office so I have not the author or the books’ titles to hand…Ooops, John Casey (author). I operate on the sometimes solid theory that if I continue typing, muscle memory well may supply answers. J

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  2. Hi Larisa! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for being the first to like one of my posts yesterday. I’m still trying to get the hang of this thing, so I was grateful to see it. You have a beautiful style of writing and I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you.

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    1. Thank you so much, John! That is so kind of you. Likewise, I enjoy your work as well! I am very much enjoying Fall in the PNW, it is always a pretty spectacular sight. I hope life is treating you well in your corner of the world!

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        1. Same here!

          I donโ€™t have a schedule to my posting, sometimes I post every day, and other times Iโ€™ll only post once a week or so. All is forgiven and forgotten, please let us never mention it again. *hearts and flowers go here*

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