Addictive Poison

You weave around me with the grace of a swordsman,
only your weapon of choice is your words.
What a lethal dance we engage in,
striking with focused precision,
sliding that unbearable hurt between my ribs with a lovers skill.
How beautifully I fall apart before you,
as you watch in silence with glittering,
hungry eyes.

Author: ebonyandcrows

Hello and welcome to my page~ My name is Larisa--a very common Slavic name that was either derived from the Latin word hilaris, meaning "cheerful," or from the Greek city of Larissa, meaning "strong fortress." Born in Ukraine, I emigrated with my family to America when I was still a small child and now make my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up immersed in two vastly differing cultures led me to have a burning curiosity about people all over the world. Stemming from said curiosity, I have fallen in love with traveling to other countries, meeting new people and delving into their culture, exploring new cities, and of course, dining on the local cuisine! If I cannot escape into a different country, then my next favorite method of adventure is to lose myself in a spectacular book. I enjoy books of all genres--from fiction and novels, to biographies and ethnographies. As long as it captures my fancy and holds me spellbound the entire time, I will burn through the book like a forest fire! Because of this penchant for reading and travel, coupled with my love of deep and mysterious things, I have been often called a dreamer and I find the title suits me. With that being said, I invite you to stay a while, perhaps make yourself a cup of tea and linger through my posts and feel free to comment or share a thought :-)

51 thoughts on “Addictive Poison”

    1. I love playing with the darkness and revealing facets of beauty in it, however grim they may be. Or toxic. Sometimes, though, the beauty can be breathtaking and it’s the kind that catches you by surprise. Thank you, C. D. (I’ve read your About page, but I’m not entirely sure which one of you is commenting.)

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      1. The benefit of words is that they can draw out that beauty in ways the eyes can’t always see. It may be false beauty at times but having heads buried in the sand prevents any movement forward.

        (p.s. Fun/Unnecessary fact concerning your comment: two writers for my site, one of which hasn’t posted in nearly two years but any comments/posts by him would be under his name. I am C. D. The surname Anders is a pseudonym but is still very much me writing.) I wasn’t aware people read “About” pages, haha. Maybe I should thank you instead.

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    1. Oh God, some of the most gut-wrenching, awful pain I’ve ever experienced was from words. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words have the power to kill me. Hope your Sunday is off to a great start, Tim!

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  1. Ahhh, I felt this Larisa, a stabbing pain in my heart, your words are slick with beauty, glistening with pain. Right in my solar plexus.

    “sliding that unbearable hurt between my ribs with a lovers skill.”

    Such a powerful image, no-one can hurt you like a lover can. Between your ribs, in your chest. Spilling your insides.

    Gorgeous words.

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      1. The east coast is sunny and delightful high of 53 that fine by me! I lived In Florida for years and it was way to hot! Tropical is beautiful but i like cabins and fireplaces and cool fall days 😊 working today but that’s okay I never knew the wonderful people around the world I would meet by blogging. I must say there is not only talent but awesome people and I am glad I made your soul warm you truly are a gem!! ❤

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        1. Aww Nikki, thank you. You’re so kind. I haven’t had a chance much to read a lot of blogs today so I will catch up with what you wrote later. And same here, glad we ran across each other 💞


    1. Ooh that’s thrilling! I didn’t think of it that way! I love when readers share their feelings with me about things I’ve written because of insights like this. Thank you Dara, I hope you’ve been well!!


        1. Yes lol. Even though I was sick and puking, I still managed to go out and make the best of it—we went and checked out this beautiful lounge in Bellevue called Ascend on Saturday, and then on Sunday I went to a concert. But I managed to upset someone who I admire too and that brought my spirits down. But it’s okay, he and I got to the bottom of it and all is good now. But it was a roller coaster of emotions on Sunday.

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